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Walking the dog

Do you ever find yourself rushing home to walk your dog at lunch time? Feeling guilty that you only managed a 10 minute "round the block" ? Keep putting off that evening meal with your friends as you have to walk the dog? - we have all been there. Then why not consider a dog walker?

There are a variety of dog walkers from the boy next door wanting some pocket money to the larger companies that have multiple dog walkers on their books. The result will be less stress on you and a dog who is well exercised and happy.

Before you decide, there are some things to consider:

  • Can your dog be walked with groups - this is fun and a good way to socialise your furry pal, it is usually cheaper than a one to one walks. Some areas such as Merton limit the number of dogs you can walk to 4 dogs at a time, which is very sensible.

  • Do you want the flexibility of choosing 1/2 hour and 1 hour walks, multiple walks per day, regular or one off walks/ last minute arrangements?

  • Can your dog be let off lead and come back when called?

  • Is your dog better off with one regular walker rather than a variety of walkers?

  • Is your potential walker Public Liability Insured? DBS checked? (you will have to give the walker a set of keys)

  • Has the walker had experience with dogs possibly taken courses on dog walking or first aid for dogs?

  • Do you want your dog walked on the street or at the park or local common?

  • Do you want someone who lives locally to walk your dog?

The Choice is yours but if you would like some more info - follow this blog or if you live in or around Wimbledon then connect to www.4pawswimbledon.com

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